Welcome to AMBL Language Services

At AMBL Language Services we care about language, because we realize it is at the core of our being. Our goal is to help you address your target audience with respect and dignity, to the point where the language and cultural barriers are fully overcome.

Dedicated Language Professionals

Our team is made of professionals who have shown their passion for language by pursuing formal studies in languages and linguistics at the college and graduate level, and who have, ideally, lived, studied and worked in at least two countries. We may also test our terminology choices or translation with non-language professionals, as part of our audience check.

Communicative Competence – Beyond “Correct”

We personally screen all translators/interpreters we choose to work with, as to their knowledge and experience in the subject matter and their communicative competence in both languages. Beyond using appropriate grammar, this includes their ability to understand and convey all the nuance of the source message and gauge its appropriateness for the target audience, taking into account variations in language based on geographical region, occupation and/or literacy level. We will always consult with you if we think any changes might be advisable to better suit your purposes.

Don’t Miss Out!

When you use our services, we hope you will share the experience of one conference attendee, who had only heard untrained, volunteer interpreters before. When he received our services, he said: “I was hearing in black and white. Now I hear in color!”

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