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We can write your documents in a different language to fulfill the purpose of the original document while meeting the requirements of the target audience. We can also write in your language a document that was written in another language.

Our Focus: English into Spanish or Spanish into English

Our focus is translating from English into Spanish and Spanish into English, using translators certified by the American Translators Association to translate between the specific languages requested. To adequately reflect original text, we fine-tune translations working closely with professionals in the applicable fields, whether doctors, nutritionists, lawyers, musicians, or experts in whatever the subject matter might be.

Case-by-Case Approach

Our translation process includes a detailed analysis of your actual needs, to guide us in how to best support your goals.

Literal but Readable Translations

Some translations are intended to be mere windows into the original document, especially if it is a legal document from a foreign country, in which case it is particularly important to accurately reflect the meaning of terms in the specific context of the original text. These documents might have footnotes and other notations, making quite obvious the fact that you are not reading the source document. Yet we strive to make the translation as clear as possible, with the goal of expanding the readers’ understanding of the source culture/legal system, as different from their own.

Localized or Adapted Texts

Other translations include marketing materials or educational documents expected to be followed by the readers as if addressed directly to them. While translating, we might come back to you and suggest some changes in the translated text: Perhaps the metaphor in the original has a cultural reference that would be out of context for the audience, and we would propose replacing it with a more appropriate one. Or a food item mentioned in the source document may not be part of the diet of your target audience, and we might propose replacing it with an item that fits with your original selection and is part of the diet of your target audience.

Who’s Your Target Audience? Be Specific

When translating into Spanish, we need to know the specific audience you have in mind, since our translation will differ if directed to immigrants in a particular area of the US, immigrants throughout all of the US, an online international audience with a specific international mix, an unidentified online international Spanish-speaking audience, or a specific audience within a given Spanish-speaking country or set of countries.

Please fill out the following quote form and provide us with the document you desire translated, and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the parameters of the project in detail.

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